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Liberty of London Sandalwood Olive/Red Silk-Cotton Voile


From the iconic Liberty Of London Mood presents \'Sandalwood\' a print chosen by three time Oscar winner Anthony Powell for its incredible inventiveness high energy and exquisite quality of detail. With a paisley pattern that allows the eye to endlessly explore Anthony thinks the adaptation from artwork to final design is like \Jazz\". This buoyant print is presented on top of a very fine voile composed of silk and cotton fibers. Voiles are plainly and loosely woven dress materials typically semi-transparent in opacity and very thin. These materials drape and gather exceptionally well. With a vibrant print scattered across its surface this super soft Liberty of London fabric can easily be transformed into spectacular dresses blouses and curtains. Liberty of London effortlessly bringing style to the Spring and Summer Seasons. "


Product: Liberty of London Sandalwood Olive/Red Silk-Cotton Voile

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